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Want to improve logistics?
Try a different look at it.

Identify damage causes. Improve stock availability.
We make data visible FAST by using reliable simple solutions for your team to manage and resolve.

Bear with us!

We chase drivers.

We don’t even pretend to be your ERP. And that’s good.
We’re just a great team of assembled talents believing work can be done in a better, different way.

We’re making logistic based digital solutions because we know for a fact, that if you don’t accurately know the figures for your drivers, you’re out; and big systems take a lot to barely get you there.

We show what your ERP won’t.

To know what’s going on in your on-site operations and warehouses, you have to be there.
Let us tell you this story about a client who needed clarity on his chain supply damages, but ended up discovering much more:

Damage reports by zone

Waste loss analysis

Effect on sales availability

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OSA's on a roll!!

Unit Journey from sea to store! Every vehicle import under control.
Success Story  ·  Nov 2021

While some companies seek control over their own processes, in OSA we aim for involving all those who take part of the supply chain. Transcruz dared to forge the whole ‘Unit Journey’ along with IMCruz.

Up to 3 times faster: Counting stock with OSA has been a REALLY good experience!
Success Story  ·  Oct 2021

Sure, numbers speak for themselves when using OSA Andes to improve the operation. But the real deal is the joy of being there, working alongside everyday users. In OSA, we like it when you like it.

“Very fast, very simple. I can no longer picture myself handling the operation without OSA Andes”
Success Story  ·  Sep 2021

Gabriel Zahr, Chief of Logistics and Operations at Salfa, arrived with the mission to instill order in his area. When in need of improving his inventory’s data reliability, he took his chances with OSA Andes. This is his story.

What do we mean by ‘doing things differently’?

It means we do much less, and we do it a lot faster. We like it that way, because it allows us to quickly collect every indicator you’re missing for you to really start seeing how to improve your supply chain. We work hard at making our platforms user friendly while using only the strictly fundamental functions and data.
Wanna see how simple this is?:

Start by controlling ONE checkpoint.

We call ‘a checkpoint’ to every instance where someone in the supply chain hands a unit over to another person.
Responsibilities change hands and the new recipient must take charge of a new process.

Then extend it to the whole supply chain in search of your key drivers.

Use our APP to control every unit on every checkpoint. Each time one of your workers receive the responsibility over a unit, they will apply a quick easy-to-use checklist.
We can gather importers, retailers and 3PL data in a single unified platform.

Unit Control
For every checkpoint, identify a unit, apply a checklist, record damage status data.
Inventory Audit
Upload your ERP’s inventory and contrast it with every unit’s actual physical position.
Unit Requirement
Connect and manage sales requirements with operations. Improve your Fillrate.
Real-Time Stock
Access an on-site dynamic stock inventory based on actual positions rather than systemical.
Handoff Release
Close the unit journey with the client’s digital signature certifying unit quality upon delivery.
Ecosystem Control
Make waste control duties and insights transparent to all supply chain stakeholders for improvement.

“But does OSA Andes fit in my line of work?” Yes, we say!

OSA Andes is born of the automotive area logistics , but we’re reaching over every market that trades identifiable physical assets, as long as they’re willing to bring digital transformation lightning fast.

Our strong suit. Contact us immediately and amaze yourself with the swiftness we can help you improve your supply chain.
Control your loads and transports with checkpoints. Our app can operate on low internet zones. Keep protocols in check.
Organize dry dock flow. Control containers. Obtain BL data from suppliers overseas.
File unit requirements, track them and make sure they arrive mint condition. Audit your stock. Handoff the assets with a signature.
Document every asset status on every load and delivery. Organize packing list
Unit damage control on reception. Signed handoff releases. Downtime notifications for rental services.
Keep track of each unit’s status from the start of the rental deal and during each pitstop through inbound or outbound workshops.
Control your supply chain for all heavy duty equipment from dock to client.
Platform for coordinators, volunteers and donors, plus logistic management and packing lists.

More news and stories.

30% less vehicle damage. The value of OSA Andes as told by the numbers.
Success Story  ·  Mar 2021

What we achieved with OSA Andes is a tale we like to tell from our memories, but this time we get to tell it from the numbers. This is a story about a projected success case that is now becoming real.

OSA: A Journey through crisis
Article  ·  Mar 2021

We face crises. Always.
We do it as a species, individually and collectively since our very creation. When we created OSA ® it was no exception.

New feature: Current Stock!
News  ·  Nov 2020

We realized some of our clients needed to record their constant fast-paced stock change, feeding the data into a reliable open inventory, and the ERP wasn’t up to it. For operations that run rampant, something needed to be done. And we did.

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